“The levee is about to burst”

Last January, water board Noorderzijlvest experienced near-flooding. Large amounts of precipitation coincided with above normal tides. For a few days, the water board was unable to use its pumping stations for drainage, and the polders gradually filled with water. At some point, emergency managers decided to evacuate some of the polders and villages. As this doesn’t happen very often, this was widely reported in the national media.

The regional security authorities (“Veiligheidsregio Groningen“) made a 15 minute video (in Dutch only) about this event. It’s interesting to see that a lot of elements of flood risk management come together:

  • flood hazard and flood risk
  • flood stage and levee strength
  • warning and response
  • managing uncertainties in decision making
    (if you like the science of hydrology and decision-making, check out this page)
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