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Understanding forest snow interception

I am no expert in snow hydrology but I do recognize the importance of being able to estimate the amount of water captured in a snow pack and to be able to forecast snow melt rates. The University of Washington … Continue reading

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Muskingum routing: theory, example and a brief venture into linear algebra

For a project, I needed to re-familiarize myself with the concept of Muskingum routing. I looked up the theory, found a working example and coded the thing in R. As I suspected I could make the calculation more efficient by … Continue reading

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Webinar on ‘pre-processing’ in hydrologic forecasting

Wednesday, March 27th, I’ll be giving a webinar on pre-processing in hydrologic forecasting. The webinar is part of a new series of online presentations that are part of the HEPEX initiative. It is hosted by ECMWF and starts at 4pm … Continue reading

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A spatial overview of current flow rates

Below image was posted on Twitter yesterday by Environment’s Agency David Troup. I like it a lot. To me, it gives an instant overview of flow levels across England and Wales. I’d love to have a similar graphic available in … Continue reading

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“The levee is about to burst”

Last January, water board Noorderzijlvest experienced near-flooding. Large amounts of precipitation coincided with above normal tides. For a few days, the water board was unable to use its pumping stations for drainage, and the polders gradually filled with water. At … Continue reading

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How to make a hydrological forecast – my way

For almost a year now, I’ve been a member of the Dutch River Forecasting Service, which is responsible for monitoring and forecasting of water levels and discharges of rivers Rhine and Meuse. For this, we have a wonderful tool available: … Continue reading

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“Hydrology for decision-making” at EGU2013 – call for abstracts

Hydrology isn’t practised in isolation. Rather, hydrological analyses are used as input to decision processes. How can forecasts, predictions, scenarios, outlooks and foresights best serve these decisions? How should uncertainties be managed? What is the relative weight of hydrological considerations … Continue reading

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